Funding Second Chances

January 28th, 2019 | Posted by KMdirector2* in Uncategorized

by Lauren Henderson, Director of Events & Corporate Relations, Humane Pennsylvania

Before I started working at Humane Pennsylvania, animal welfare was not something that crossed my mind on a daily basis. Of course, I wanted animals to be treated humanely, but the constant thought about donations, being an advocate, raising funds, who could I talk about sponsorship, those thoughts were not something that kept me up at night. But that was almost three years ago. 

I have been a part of Humane Pennsylvania since June of 2016 and the support I see for the animals we serve everyday could bring tears to your eyes, and sometimes it does. I hear all the time how much people love animals, but on a daily basis I see so many people prove that. By the donations they make, the support they provide, the sponsors that care about their community, and the staff that fights every day for that hope.

Animals like Marshall, Maisy, Lady Luck and so many others that don’t make it into the headlines. Those are the ones that you, our donors, help to save. That gives me goosebumps just writing it. It is not the easiest thing to say, but money saves the lives of so many helpless animals.

Humane Pennsylvania is not subsidized by any national animal welfare organizations or any county, state or federal tax funding. It is only with your generosity that we’re able to save the lives of thousands of animals each year!

Your contributions give our shelter staff the resources they need to care for the animals, some of those animals facing the most extreme circumstances. Your contributions give our veterinarians the tools they need to perform lifesaving surgeries and give those animals a second chance.

For some money is a scary word, that just the mere thought of it causes anxiety. But money here at Humane Pennsylvania means hope.

On a daily basis, I look for that hope in every event sponsor I obtain, in every corporate meeting I have, in every fundraiser someone hosts on our behalf. Because that hope is what gives a family the animal they never knew they needed. That hope becomes a second chance.

Fundraising allows me to provide countless animals with a second chance. But I couldn’t do any of that without the incredible generosity of our sponsors, donors, corporations, supporters, and volunteers.

Whether you’ve supported Humane Pennsylvania a month ago, or ten years ago – thank you. You provided hope to an animal that desperately needed it.

I invite anyone and everyone interested in providing hope to the animals to contact me, Lauren Henderson, Director of Events & Corporate Relations, at [email protected] to learn more about how your support can provide second chances.

There’s always more hope to give and you can be the one to give that hope to so many animals in need.


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