Unity, Not Division

January 27th, 2012 | Posted by Karel Minor in Uncategorized

I saw a disheartening recent blog post from another organization which was essentially attacking any other organization for not doing things the way they do things and actively encouraging supporters of other organizations cease supporting their current charity and instead exclusively support the blogger’s organization.

Messages like this are sad but I understand the place of frustration they can come from with resources being so short, the seeming competitive fundraising environment, and the natural tendency to a “grass is greener” mindset.  We’ve been hard hit in this economy and it’s easy to get bitter. And Lord knows I’ve quite critical of how some organizations have worked on this blog- just look at the last post.  It’s often an easy step to go from a legitimate difference of opinion on the best strategy or even criticisms of what and how others have done their work to blaming where we are based on the decisions we’ve made on others.  But almost inevitably, we are where we are because we have chosen to be here, not because of someone else’s choices.

HSBC’s successes are a group effort and result from the work and support of many.  But our occasional defeats are own and not the result of anyone else.  We share our success, we own our failures.

So let me offer an alternative request to everyone out there who cares about animals: HSBC thinks that every organization, whether it is a no kill, open access, animal control, governmental, breed rescue, foster group, advocacy group or the increasing number of organizations like ours which don’t fall neatly into any of the old standard categories, are trying to do something good for animals and people in the way they think is best for them and the most effective overall.  We think they ALL deserve support and we don’t think that the way for us to succeed is to drive wedges between our common interests.

I will ask you to support our work and I will ask you to support anyone and everyone else who you think is doing a good job and is doing something which you think is important.  Please share share this message of support and inclusion to all those you know who support any organization doing good.  We achieve more, give more and get more when we work together.  We are stronger united than we are divided.


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