With Friends Like These— No, Seriously, These Are Great Friends!

October 11th, 2011 | Posted by Karel Minor in Uncategorized

It’s getting to be the time of year again when we begin all the year-end stuff non-profits organizations have to do these days.  Service, program and strategic plan reviews.  Audits, budgets, and annual reports.  As much as these things can seem like a distraction from our “real work”, the fact is it’s all of these activities that give us the guidance to move forward, the discipline to keep our plans, and the awareness of opportunities which might come our way.

They are also great reminders of just how many wonderful people and organizations we have had the honor to work and partner with in the past year.  Although we’ll have them all listed in our annual report early next year (fingers crossed we can manage our online version so we can save the cost of printing on dead trees), the list will be split up among the pages describing various and sundry programs and services.  So, I thought I’d list them all at once, or at least all the ones we’ve compiled in the last few weeks.  We’ve undoubtedly missed a few, with apologies.  Below are a good chunk of the non-profits and charitable organizations we’ve been lucky enough to work with in the last year or so. 

Emergency Response Partners: HSBC assists with national, state and local emergency response organizations in event of emergencies and disasters.

  • ASPCA Disaster Response Team and Joplin Humane Society- Following the Joplin, Missouri, tornado devastation Scott Yoder, HSBC volunteer and former board member, assisted in directing the emergency animal sheltering effort.
  • Berks County Animals Response Team (BCART), Berks County Red Cross, Berks County EMA, Chester County EMA- As lead agency of BCART, HSBC staff and volunteers established emergency shelters in both Berks and Chester Counties during this year’s historic flooding. 

Adoption Transfer Partnerships (Incoming and Outgoing):  HSBC works with any organization requesting our assistance in transferring animals for adoption at our shelters which might face an uncertain at their home shelter.  We also gratefully work with breed rescues to transfer harder to place pets out of our kennels or to open space for other animals.  Adoption transfers are truly a two way street! 

  • Chester County SPCA (During CCSPCA’s kennel upgrades HSBC has worked closely with them to transfer pets while 2/3 of their kennels are closed for construction)
  • Delaware County SPCA
  • Lehigh County Humane Society
  • Ruth Stienert Memorial SPCA
  • The Humane League Lancaster County
  • York County SPCA
  • Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society
  • Pennsylvania SPCA
  • Dauphin County Dog Law & Montgomery County Dog Law (transfers of animals from closing or downsizing commercial kennels)
  • Twin Tiers Rescue
  • Karni Mata rat Rescue
  • Open Arms ResQ and Refurral
  • Siamese cat Rescue Center
  • Best little cat House in PA
  • One by One Animal Rescue and Protection Org.
  • Dad’s my Angel Puppy Rescue
  • Plain and Fancy Animal Rescue
  • Brookline lab Rescue
  • Dogs Den
  • Save a Yorkie
  • Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center, Inc.
  • Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue
  • Mid- Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue
  • German Shepherd Rescue of SE PA
  • Small Paw Rescue
  • Tri State Weimaraner Rescue
  • St Bernard Rescue Foundation
  • Italian Greyhound Rescue network
  • Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue
  • German Shepherds to Love
  • Animal Rescue League of Berks County (Reciprocal transfer of microchipped adopted animals originating from one another’s shelters)

 Service on Boards and Advisory Councils and Educational Presentations and Organizational support- HSBC staff are proud to be represented in a wide variety of organizations representing animal welfare, to present workshops on a variety of topics, and to assist other agencies through direct assistance and consulting.

  • Pennsylvania Animal Response Team (HSBC represented as board chair)
  • Federated Humane Societies of Pennsylvania (HSBC represented as board member)
  • Humane Society of United States Companion Animal Advisory Council (HSBC represented with Council seat)
  • University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical School Shelter Executive Summits
  • Humane Society of the United States Animal Expo (invited workshop presenter)
  • New York Humane Association Annual Conference (invited workshop presenter)
  • PetsMart Charities (invited webinar presenter)
  • The Humane League (Philadelphia, invited speaker)
  • Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging Annual Meeting (invited workshop presenter)
  • Family Services of Montgomery County (MontCo Ani-Meals On Wheels partner)
  • Berks County Office of Aging (BerksCo Ani-Meals On Wheels partner)
  • Operational consulting with agencies in Delaware, New York, Maine, Pennsylvania, Missouri, California, and Oregon.

Non-profits joining us as exhibitors at the 2011 Walk for the Animals.  Exhibit space is offered free to any non-profit who requests it.

  • Concern: Professional Services for Children, Youth & Families
  • South Mountain YMCA Camps
  • Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue
  • KidsPeace Foster Care
  • GSP Rescue of PA
  • Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue
  • Buddy Rescue Foundation
  • Mentors for Berks Youth
  • Berks County Office of Aging
  • First State Greyhound Rescue
  • Berks County Conservancy
  • Girl Scouts of Eastern PA
  • Reading Eagle
  • Save A Yorkie Rescue
  • New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue, Inc
  • Tri-State Weimaraner Rescue
  • Fairview Counseling & The Play Therapy Center
  • IM ABLE Foundation
  • Russell Rescue
  • Berks Women in Crisis
  • No Nonsense Neutering
  • Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines

And of course HSBC works with local and State law enforcement, and local animal control in our joint efforts to stop animal cruelty and provide resources.  Without a doubt, this is an incomplete list and I hope we will make it much more complete by the time we put all this in an annual report. 

It’s a great exercise to run through a list like this.  It’s a reminder that we are not in this alone and that for every hand we extend, two are extended back.  Our very survival in the extremely hard financial environment is a testament to both the support of our donors and volunteers and to the strength of our partnerships and friendships with others in the non-profit and charitable sectors.  In our line of work and our charitable missions, we definitely know that what goes around comes around. 

With friends like these, it’s hard to imagine you could even have enemies.


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