Humane League Renovations and Improvements (State of Humane PA follow-up)

February 22nd, 2018 | Posted by Karel Minor in Uncategorized

Well, enough preaching! Let’s get back to the 2018 State of Humane Pennsylvania follow-up posts!  One of the very biggest and best things that happened to Humane Pennsylvania in 2017 was to be honored with an amazing gift from a long-time supporter of the Humane League of Lancaster County.  Carol Culliton-Metzger, husband Richard, son Adam, and grandson Charlie, have made a multi-year, $500,000 commitment to the Humane League and our animals and programs!

If that name rings a bell, it should. Carol previously donated $150,000 to get our nationally accredited Humane Veterinary Hospitals Lancaster operations up and running.  Thanks to that support we were able to expand veterinary services, purchase all our major medical equipment, and receive the first accreditation of a non-profit animal hospital ever in Pennsylvania (and only one of 19 in the nation!).  As a result, we have been able to increase the amount of services provided to animals six fold, providing 6,000 client visits a year, plus all medical services- about a half million dollars in care value- for our sheltered animals.

But the need didn’t stop there, so Humane PA and the Culliton Family didn’t stop there, either! We developed a plan that would double or triple our service delivery over the next three years, increase our organizational efficiency, improve the quality of animal care, and get more animals adopted.  Like all great plans, we had to pay for it and the Culliton Family embraced our vision and made the single biggest gift to that date from a living donor to the Humane League!

This gift will allow us to make some major and much needed changes. First, cats will be returning to the primary adoption center.  HLLC’s cat adoption center was dreamed up when the shelter housed 10,000 animals a year and built when it housed 7,000 animals a year, nearly two decades ago.  The sheltering world has changed since then and HLLC now houses fewer than 3,000 animals a year thanks to our relinquishment prevention programs, veterinary services, and changes in shelter intake demographics in the United States.  Having a separate cat building actually serves to decrease the number of adoptions and also increases the cost of operating our adoption centers.  Creating a dedicated cat adoption center in our primary building will save more lives and direct more resources to our animals.

We will also be creating new, dedicated dog adoption meet and greet spaces and making general improvements to the facility to make for a happier, brighter shelter space. This will help get more dogs adopted and improve the working conditions for our great staff and volunteers!

The space that is opened up by the creation of a new dedicated cat adoption center will allow us to expand our public veterinary hospital. Right now we are maxed out on space and staff.  More space and exam rooms will allow us to add additional vets and support staff and that will allow us to help even more animals!  Our goal is to at least double services provided to the community over the next three years (and tripling isn’t out of the question!).

All this will be taking place in stages over the Spring and Summer (and maybe Fall since some of this will require building permits, etc.) and we will keep you up to date with our progress. If you’d like to support these awesome upgrades, Brian Pinto, our spectacular Chief Advancement Officer, would love to talk to you ( and maybe arrange a tour with us.


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