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September 17th, 2014 | Posted by Pam Keeler in Uncategorized

We are back in the season of Walking and Trotting- depending if it’s Berks or Lancaster- and I always look forward to this time of year.  Both the Tailwaggers Trot (this weekend) and the Walk for the Animals (next weekend) give me and our staff a rare opportunity to see literally thousands of the animals we have helped rescue and get into loving, second chance homes, all in one place.  When we get to feeling down about what we can’t do for some animals, when we get nastigrams sent to us from people who think the old days of sheltering were somehow better than what we do now (with apologies for my last missive inspired by one such meanie), we have a day- or now two!- when we get the boost we need to keep working to help animals and people right here at home and <em>wherever</em> they need help.

walk-08-219-300x224There is nothing like a crowd of thousands, all types of pets and people, gathering together to show how much they care about the work we are doing for animals at Humane Society of berks County and Humane League of Lancaster County, to send us back to work renewed and eager to find new ways to make a difference.  And when those people show their support by raising money in support of that work, it reminds us of how seriously we need to take that generosity and the expectations those donors have of us to do the most and the best with their hard earned donations.

There is a reason I personally sign every single donation thanks letter we send out- and it’s not a burning desire for carpel tunnel syndrome.  It’s because the person that letter is going to took the time to sign a check, punch in a credit card number, mail in Redners receipts, or haul in pet food or blankets to help us do our work.  The very least we can do is give a personal thanks to them and it allows me to reflect on just how many people support our mission to save and improve lives with every letter I sign.

The Walk and the Trot are literally decades old, even older than many of the humans who attend them.  They are among the biggest and oldest of their kind in the region.  In the past few years walks and runs have exploded on the scene.  There’s a walk for just about anything and anyone you can imagine and that’s a great thing since they support many wonderful and worthy causes.  But is also make me so happy that so may people chose to join us at ours when there are so many others out there to support.

So, thank you.  Whether you are a donor, an adopter, a volunteer, or a walker or trotter, you make our work possible.  You help us save thousands of animals from death and suffering each year and you help thousands of people to avoid facing the possibility of losing their pet to illness, injury, or just tough times.  I hope to see you at the Walk or the Trot (or the Walk AND the Trot!).  Please bring a friend, heck, bring ten friends!  We can’t wait to see you there!


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