Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

*4-5-16:  We’re open!  We’ve been so busy getting open I haven’t had a chance to update with the latest news.  Pix and details up soon, I promise!  KM

After unforeseen delays and a major change of design and plans, construction is approaching completion on Berks County’s newest- and best- animal hospital! Humane Veterinary Hospitals Berks (HVH Berks) is just weeks away from opening and it’s already looking amazing.

When we announced at last year’s Art for Arf’s Sake that we’d be opening a new hospital we asked for our supporters help, and we’ve been getting it. We’ve already received three of the largest donations in our history in support of the project, which will go a long way (we can’t wait to share that news soon). But with a $1.2 million dollar commitment to the future of animal welfare and the people and animals of Reading and Berks County, we still have a long way to go and we’ll be reaching out for support to as many people, businesses, and organizations as we can.

We hope everyone will chip in because this isn’t merely a new vet hospital.  It is going to be nationally accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association, the gold standard for hospitals.  Out of 36,000 practices, only about 4,500 are accredited.  Out of all of those, fewer than twenty in the nation are non-profit, charitable hospitals, and there is only one in Pennsylvania- that’s Humane Veterinary Hospitals Lancaster, our other animal hospital! We can’t leave Berks behind, can we?

Accreditation means the best care, practices, and policies, based on a 900 point standards list. HVH Berks will be the only accredited hospital in the city.  This means access to high quality vet care in what is a “veterinary desert” for many people who can’t easily reach good practices out of the city.  The improved services and quality means our own sheltered animals, as well as public animals, get even better care, including new state of the art digital radiology and more.

It also means we can provide even more sliding scale and reduced cost care for those in financial need and we can serve even more people like you and me who not only want great vet care for our pets, but we want to spend our vet health care dollars someplace where the revenue goes right back to helping animals in the community. Our Humane Veterinary Hospitals aren’t just great; they are open to the public.  You will spend your money on veterinary care one way or another.  Why not make sure your choice of doctors also makes a difference for strays or other at risk pets, too? In my case, I’d rather make a good choice at first so I don’t end up suing doctor later on.

With a huge off-street parking lot, easy access from Route 12, 222, and 422, and the ability to take a walk across the street to say, “Hi!”, to the adoptable pets, we know you’ll love the new HVH Berks! We are looking forward to sharing it with you.  In fact, if you’d like a tour, we will be scheduling regular tours once we open and we’d be happy to arrange a personal one for you right now (subject to construction activity).

If you’d like to arrange a tour or learn how you can help support the hospital’s work with a gift, please contact Humane Pennsylvania Marketing Director, Lorraine Storms, at